Don't Let Your Business Run You.
How LessEverything Makes $1mil annually from client services

Ch. 1
Deciding on Your Consultancy

This is the tale of how Allan Branch and Steven Bristol founded a million-dollar-a-year web consulting firm, LessEverything.

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Ch. 2
Partnering Up

A real friend, a caring spouse or a good business partner will tell you when you have a booger in your nose.

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Ch. 3
Marketing Yourself

Marketing is about finding and creating opportunities. When you have no marketing budget, it's time to get scrappy.

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Ch. 4
Selling Yourself

Go shake some hands, put out a blog article and tweet a link. Because in a year, you'll be out of business, asking me for a job.

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Ch. 5 
The "S" Word

Just remember to be yourself. If you're a funny person--be funny. If you're just a nice, kind human--be nice and kind.

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Building a Team

Building a team is an important part of a successful business, but how do you attract the right types of people?

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Ch. 7
Team Location, Being Remote

When you force people to work on-site, the talent pool shrinks further. Hire the best you can afford, don't shrink the talent pool.

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Ch. 8
Project Management

LessEverything did fixed-bid projects, then the company switched to hourly. Like any decision in life, there are pros and cons to each.

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Ch. 10
Money, Yo!

The famous Wu-Tang Clan lives by the philosophy, “C.R.E.A.M.” which is an acronym for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”

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Dealing with Clients

Don't try to win every project. Not every project is for you. There's a certain type of client that works well with you.

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Ch. 12
Getting Sued

No matter how honorable, loving or kind you think you are, someone will eventually be upset with you. Are you prepared?

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Ch. 11 
Count'n Money Yo!

Don't allow accounting to take over your life. Accounting won't make you money. Also don't forget about taxes, duh.

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Ch. 14
Work & Life

Don’t waste your time on friendships that are not deep and meaningful. A real friend will be there when times suck, when it’s not fun, and when it doesn’t benefit them.

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Ch. 13

The last thing you need to know is that you must have a lawyer prepare your contract for you. If you don’t, you are simply a fool.

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