Let's Learn About MyRewards :)


Phase 1
Greet the Customer :)

                                                                Greet the customer and ring up their purchases. 

                                                   Ask the Customer: "Are you a member of our rewards program?."

Phase 2
Not a Member

  1. Tell the customer how much they will save TODAY with a rewards card & hand pamphlet giving info about the benefits of joining the program.
  2. Recite sales pitch. (Select the following links to become a MyRewards expert!). MyRewards OverviewMyRewards FAQsMyRewards Privacy Policy
  3. Follow the step-by-step guidelines to setting up a new rewards account. How-to Setup a new account

Phase 2
Current Member 

  1. Scan the customer's MyRewards card. Follow the following step-by-step tips to watch for when scanning cards. Scanning a Card Guidelines & Register Shortcuts
  2. Answer customers questions as you continue to ring-up items. Please refer to following links for reference on benefits & overview. My Rewards OverviewMyRewards FAQsMyRewards Privacy Policy

Phase 3
Communicate  Accomplishments!

                                                 Give the customer some takeaways from the transaction.

                                                                         "You saved .. dollars today!"

                                 "If you you like to read up on benefits, go to My Rewards Overview for some info."

We did it!

                                                    Was this helpful? Please give us your comments here. 

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