ROWE Training Session


Nick Holland is the president of Centresource, a family of strategists, creatives, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs all under one roof.

A little background

Centresource is one of the top digital agencies in the world (and even though I'm biased, i say this mainly because of the awards we've won!)  and we employ some very talented people.  As a demographic, their relatively young (sub 35), technical, and beyond passionate about their work.  Basically, its a firm full of people that any organization would be lucky to have.

As the founder of CentreSource, I wanted the culture to support people in both their personal & professional endeavors - while also creating a place that promotes accountability & results. ROWE gave us the foundation to begin this journey and after 2 years of refinement, we have a unique management model simply called "The Merit System"

Why ROWE works

ROWE / Laziness

One of the main inhibitors to companies adopting a ROWE mentality is, simply put, laziness. Leaders love to 'manage on the fly' because it's easy - the employee's success is 100% dependent on how the manager feels (sadly, often at that very moment - detrimental for an annual review).

For a manager to actually codify what an employee must do to find success is very difficult & takes a lot of thought. Moreover, the manager may quickly realize that they don't even have systems in place to track the very things they want to judge the employee on - thus the reason they so heavily depended on their 'gut'.  Formalizing the expectations gives both the employee & employer something to easily identify, discuss, and improve upon.