Loading Your Theme
into Populr

Populr recently released a new feature that allows you to load your theme into our live environment. This lets you test the theme's behavior in the Editor, and to preview published pops with your theme. No one will be able to see your theme but you.

The UI for this theme upload feature may be little rough around the edges, but it gets the job done.

If you have questions or you get stuck, send John an email.

1) Copy your theme's GitHub URL

2) Log into Populr and open your account settings

3) Open the Themes tab and click "Create a Theme"

Populr's theme uploader pulls your theme code from GitHub. This lets you pull your updates from GitHub to Populr with just a click.

Once you've logged into Populr, click on the account drop-down in the top right corner and select "My account".

The Themes tab is where you'll upload your new theme, and where you'll manage your themes from

now on.

4) Enter the theme name and GitHub repository URL

5) Create a new pop and apply your theme

6) When your theme is ready, publish it!

If your repository is private on Github, follow these steps before pulling your theme into Populr to provide Populr with code-level access to the repository.

  1. Visit the Repository Settings page.
  2. Click the 'Collaborators' tab.
  3. Add the user 'PopulrThemes' to the collaborators list.

When you open a new pop in the Editor, your theme will appear in the Themes drop-down with a red outline around it. The red outline means that the theme hasn't been published yet.

Test your theme thoroughly in the Editor to make sure there are no bugs and everything's behaving the way you expected. We recommend reading through this pop on how to QA your theme to save yourself some troubleshooting time.

If your theme is bug-free, you're ready to publish!

Go back to the Themes tab in your account settings. Your theme will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Click the "Publish" link. Your theme is now ready to use in a pop!

You are the only one who has access to your new theme. To share your theme with a select group of people, click the "Grant access" link and enter the email addresses of those you'd like to share it with.

©2010 Vinoth Chandler. CC BY 2.0