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July 2, 2013                                                                    

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville technology startup Wannado launches its new app of the same name today, offering Nashville a new way to discover the city. The company released a video that demonstrates the app’s power to help users answer the question “What do you wannado?” The app is free, now available for iPhone and coming later this month to Android.

“Our goal is to help Nashvillians spend less time figuring out what they want to do and more time doing what they love. With Wannado, all of Nashville’s best events and experiences, from live shows and happy hours to networking events and volunteer opportunities, are available on your phone,” Wannado CEO and founder Steven Buhrman said.

Wannado is more than a comprehensive local event finder. The app learns its users’ preferences to make personalized event suggestions. Users can also choose to sync the app with their social networks to follow friends, make plans and create buzz around events they love.

Earlier this year, Wannado’s beta iPhone app was named “Best Mobile App” at the Nashville Technology Council’s Best of Tech Awards. The new version builds on several months of input from users, event organizers and community leaders.

“Volunteerism is such a big part of our city’s culture. There is certainly a demand for digital resources that make it easy for people to connect to service opportunities,” said Brian Williams, president and CEO of Hands On Nashville. “We are excited to partner with Wannado to make volunteering accessible to even more people who are passionate about making our community a better place.”

“Since its initial launch at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center in May of 2011, Wannado has moved from a concept to a business, with an amazing user experience that connects people in our community to opportunities. We are excited about the launch of Wannado 2.0 and delighted to be a partner in helping connect Nashville,” said Michael Burcham, president and CEO, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

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What to Do with Wannado

Examples of some of the things users can do with Wannado include:

  • Keep a pulse on favorite live music and entertainment options
  • Get tickets and add events to calendars directly from the app
  • See what friends and other locals are doing
  • Discover service opportunities based on the causes users care about
  • Find out where professionals are meeting up
  • Follow favorite venues and organizations
  • Find nearby drink specials and invite friends to join
  • And more

Our Partnerships

Wannado creates a hyperlocal experience for users by leveraging partnerships with prominent local organizations and cultural curators, including:

  • Hands On Nashville
  • Nashville Entrepreneur Center
  • Nashville Social Enterprise Alliance
  • Nashville Symphony
  • Nashville Technology Council
  • Native Magazine
  • Southern Alpha
  • Tennessee Performing Arts Center
  • The Skillery
  • War Memorial Auditorium

Wannado is also a powerful tool for event organizers and community leaders. It features an event analytics dashboard that helps leaders and organizers gather valuable intelligence to promote events to the right audiences at the right time.

“Wannado gives us a streamlined way to access all the great events Nashville has to offer. The platform has the potential to change the way venues and organizations promote opportunities and interact with their local audiences, not just in Nashville, but also nationally,” said Joe Galante, former chairman at Sony Music Group and Wannado adviser and investor.

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About Wannado

Wannado is a Nashville-based technology company that was hatched out of the Jumpstart Foundry in 2011. It offers consumers the best local event discovery app in Nashville. With great local partners and investors, Wannado is continuing to grow and craft its product into a nationally marketable app. Wannado's mission is to create visibility and community around local events and experiences.


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