Welcome Padma!

We are happy to welcome you to the emids team as a Project Manager.  Your understanding of the IT Lifestyle process & familiarity with agile development were key factors in our decision. Moreover, we really value your focus on learning Java in your spare time.

This page contains

  • Your new hire documents
  • Introduction from your manager
  • Overview video on how to use SharePoint

We look forward to seeing you next week!

delivering projects the agile way in a global environment provides efficiency and speed

Our quality focus provides the predictability of results and above all we hire the right people who combine all of this to deliver solutions that are truly transformational.

Our difference is in the Value we deliver. Our focus on healthcare gives us the business edge

I care about everyone on the team and would love to hear from you once you settle in. -Saurabh

Make sure to complete the New Hire docs before you start... Submit them to HR@emids.com